Regional Economic Revenue Study
Regional Economic Revenue Study
Regional Economic Revenue Study

The Regional Economic Revenue Study is a collaborative effort jointly funded by the Fund for Our Economic Future and contributing members of the Northeast Ohio Mayors and city Managers Association.

Study research leaders include:

  • Cleveland State University
    College of Urban Affairs
  • Lorain County Community College Public Services Institute
  • Regionalism expert Myron Orfield’s Ameregis Group

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RERS will occasionally issue its own news releases regarding the region's economic action plan, and link to the releases issued by partners in the plan.

Welcome to the Regional Economic Revenue Study

There is a growing recognition among community leaders in our region that unending competition between local governments for real estate, income and other tax revenues significantly hinders the ability for the region to compete nationally and internationally. The current system hinders our capacity as a region to attract and retain business economic development, encourages inappropriate and wasteful development patterns, and creates inefficiencies in government operations.

Revenue sharing has proven to be an effective means for reducing inter-governmental competition in a number of regions across the nation.

This Study will examine existing revenue sharing programs in other regions of the nation to identify best practices, closely examine the structure of local government, local revenues in Ohio, and determine the applicability of examples from other regions to the situation in Northeast Ohio.

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